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Your Story Connects: Even In Your Mess

Establish connection wherever you are.

It’s hard being talked over, walked over … never being truly seen. Some of you know how this feels. No one likes to be seen for what they have,  instead of who they are.  However, this can connect you to others and help you relate to them in ways you may not have imagined.

To feel alone in a room filled with people is difficult. To be seen only for your mess is isolating.

But, are you letting yourself be seen? Are you establishing connection, even in your mess … Or, are you hiding?

Your Feelings Are Valid …

Don’t ignore the feeling inside you that tells you to say HI to your neighbor or enter the conversation with people at work. Would you rather wallow?

I get it. It’s hard when you’re feeling so low to reach out. But, sometimes … it’s exactly what’s needed. 

It’s easy to blame someone else and tell yourself no one likes you or you just don’t fit. I’ve been there. But, did you reach out? When you feel like you fail … do you try again?

We are tied to one other. My sea of abandonment will find you. We are each together, unique, but tied. I act, you feel it … though you may not know it yet. I may never see how I affect you. You may not know it was I who did the affecting.

We are tied.

Take a moment today and remember how one act ripples. Sooner or later, it will spread to corners you have no knowledge it has carried. You are tied to people and places you never consider touching. And, that touch connects your mess to theirs … however, it may also be the balm that heals it.

How can you establish connection with just one person today? 

What would your life be like if you didn’t feel the need to assess your neighbor?

You can change no one. So, why do something the fool attempts?

Your struggle is seen. Still, you feel it most. Break free of your chains. LIVE your life despite what you hear those around you telling you life can be. 

You know the whisper you hear in the dark … the one that has a plan and a dream? Listen to that whisper. Act now boldly. It may look messy, share who you are anyway. You are more beautiful than you know.

Remember … Your Story Connects You To Others

Your story will connect you to the people who are meant to be in your world. Let the rest find their home where they will. They have a story and a home with their people as well.

Does this resonate? Comment below with your favorite ways to connect.

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