Are you sick? ... 
Or are you like I was, believing healing can't happen for you.   
So things are getting worse, not better and you can't figure out why. 
Or ... maybe you just don't believe you're sick. 

I'd been told for a lifetime my healing wasn't possible.  I was on heavy prescription meds and I could only ask the questions I knew to ask.   I wasn't asking the right ones. 
Are you?

The answer is shaping your life right now. 

Do You Want to Get Well?

As We Go

- Lois Garner 

What's Your Story?

 I thought I believed in healing, creativity and curiosity.  But, I was living another story.
Truth: I'd become so attached to my illness I couldn't see anything else.  My body had been hijacked by medication for so long I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be feeling. Hiding felt like my best option.  I'd stopped dreaming and creating became a thing of the past. I wondered why I was living.  

 So ... I began telling myself stories. 
Stories have the ability to heal you or lock you up in your own prison.
And, I wasn't ready for help, not really.  I thought I was, but I needed more time.   Doctors were telling me there was no hope for me. Some just didn't know what to say. With no clear information and no answers, I was tired.  Giving up felt easier than waking up each morning. I didn't know how to change my story, until I did.  

Optimize your healing habits and learn to own your story. 

I invite you to: 

Are you with you?

God is with you.

The answer to the question has the power to move you forward or keep you stuck. 


- Lois Garner 

"Your stories are unique.
You have the option of using them as chains or chariots.  "

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It took me 40 years to embrace my story! It was painful.  I was telling myself I was someone I was not. But, the truth doesn't hide.  YOUR story, the one that HAS BEEN, can change.  Healing happens as you let yourself move toward it. You decide!  

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I'd been diagnosed with something Dr.'s said could last a lifetime. I wasn’t ready for that. I pictured my life with a career,  a perfect man ( ;)those exist, right? ) and a host of kids all living in the beautiful place I couldn’t yet see with my eyes. But, none of it seemed it could ever be.

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