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How Your Emotions Affect Your Physical Health

Many of us believe our emotions don’t really matter when it comes to our physical health. So, when we get sick we go see a Dr.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t see a Dr.   There is a good chance a Dr. is a good idea in many circumstances. But, in our fast paced, get it done now society, many have thrown out good practice when it comes to asking questions about health and seeking answers to questions that could provide real results. 

Some have stopped asking altogether. And, questions that HAVE answers are being shelved. 

Doctors have training for emergencies. It’s what they’re really good at. They know how to get it done when you’re bleeding out. But, when your gut isn’t working right … the prescriptions they offer are less helpful. Still, answers are out there. 

There are naturopathic practitioners. They take their time and answer your questions. 

But, even in this world, they’re not really there to talk about your emotions. 

I’ve been to hundreds of doctor’s appointments in the world of neurology.   They’re required to do a check on my emotions each visit … but, we don’t talk about emotions. I fill out a form saying how I feel on a scale of 1-10. 

I made a mistake talking about my emotions once at a Dr’s appt.  I saw eyes across the room from me get really big and I just knew we’d both rather be anywhere else. (Of course, I could be wrong…maybe it was a hard day.)

Then, there’s your family.  I hope you have a wonderful family who can talk about emotion. But, I know there are a lot of families who don’t talk. Topics are off limits. Shame is used as a tool. And, the list goes on. 

But, when we understand emotion and are able to talk about it … healing can happen. 

When you experience negative emotions your body responds physically.  And, when you don’t understand this and are trying to unravel the past of pain without dealing with this one piece of the pie… you’re missing what could be your link to freedom.  

Do you have emotions you didn’t know were there?

Are you sick? 

Are things stacking up? There’s usually not just ONE reason.

For me … there were many. 

I had to start acknowledging some things before I would be able to move forward. You’ll have to as well.

And, maybe this is you.

It’s not always so straightforward. 

You can have the life you want. But, you have to see where you are now and know that something about it isn’t right. And then, you have to believe that what you do want is going to happen. 

Know what you want? Let us know in the comments. Telling someone else makes it real.

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