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Three Simple Habits that took me from stuck on the couch to living my dream life. 

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Decide What You Want

You’re Already Used to Climbing Mountains

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Ever felt like the life you’re living is great one minute and then the next you’re a total disaster?

It’s not easy going through the transition from the person you are to one you don’t recognize in one moment. 

That’s what it means to live a life of chronic illness. 

And, being an entrepreneur at the same time is a challenge that very few people in your world are probably going to understand. 

You push yourself daily, just to survive. Aren’t you used to climbing mountains?

Diamonds form under extreme conditions. If you read about the process, you’ll find that high pressure and temperature combine, setting the stage for carbon atoms deep within the earth,  on the oldest continents, to sparkle.  

There was ONE thing I didn’t know. Grease and diamonds attract, helping with their identification. Stones are placed on a grease belt, with other the diamonds. Because a diamond will stick to the grease, they know it’s a diamond. 

I couldn’t get over it. All this time, struggle and energy we put into figuring out our lives and making them a certain way … we’re basically on a grease belt.  All around us rocks are being washed away, while we stick in the grease … ugly and unknown.  

We fight this so hard. Well, maybe you don’t … but, I know I do.  It’s easy to think life is passing you by and what you’ve lost has made you less. NO! Get off the couch. You are in the process of becoming a diamond. Own it!

Your business may not have a name yet. You may not have a sales page or know your niche just yet.  You will. You might wonder who you are and you might need to take a moment and figure out how your health and your business connect.  You’ll get there. 

It’s okay if you’re stuck in the grease. 

You may want answers now.  I get it.  That’s human. Do you realize how connected you already are to people? We want the business up and running. We want the house clean, the family healthy & the friends happy.  We want to THRIVE! 

You, diamond, are made in your mess. 

Your mess is where you show up and learn what you need to actually BECOME that gem. Because soon … you’re not going to be sticking to the grease. You’re going to see a diamond, shining bright, who has seen struggle, acknowledged it and been transformed.

Are you ready to shine? It’s easy to say, here’s a three step plan to get it done.  Life’s not really like that. You have to decide. 


+ What you want

+ To LIVE 

+ To Thrive (even if you can’t see what that looks like right now)

+ You’re worth it

+ Your family is worth it

+ Thriving is better than just Surviving 


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